Fayetteville Police Accountability Community Taskforce (P.A.C.T). Working to end mass incarceration, racial profiling, selective enforcement & use of excessive force in policing.

(Based in Fayetteville, NC/ Cumberland County)

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FOUR OFFICERS and 13 INMATES HAVE TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID-19. Way back in MARCH, PACT warned that the county jail was a potential virus cluster site and requested that a plan be implemented. DEMAND that our local officials (DA Billy West, Sherriff Ennis Wright, County Commissioners) do their part to prevent unecessary loss of life in our detention Center.

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Every city needs independent oversight of police... an independent body that recommends policy to local government & advises on everything from hiring - to officer discipline in misconduct cases. They're clearly not going to reform themselves... & local leaders will not act without a specific demand from us.

Our City needs a Citizen Review Board (CRB) for oversight of the Fayetteville Police Department

Cumberland County needs a CRB for oversight of the Cumberland County Sheriffs Office

Local leaders must respond to this need. Please contact your Mayor, Council Member or County Commissioner and ask the following:

"What are you willing to do to establish Independent Oversight of Police for our Community?"

If in the wake of losing Ahmaud, Breonna and George... you are wondering "What can I do?" Well ensuring that Police are accountable to your Community is a part of the answer to that persistent and troubling question. #allofusornoneofus

On Monday August 10, the Fayetteville (NC) City Council found out that the death of Joshua Oxendine (while in police custody) was ruled a HOMICIDE.

Police Chief Gina Hawkins hid this from the public for nearly a year.

Will we ever have true transparency and accountability from our Police?

Will they always maintain the "Blue Wall of Silence"?



"The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the Trees that because his handle was made of wood, he was one of them." ~Turkish proverb

Early Voting is upon us. The movement for Equal Justice, police accountability and justice reform continues. So why are so many candidates silent about dismantling systemic injustice? Why do they deserve our vote if they cannot advocate boldly for substantive STRUCTURAL & SYSTEMIC CHANGE?

Fayetteville PACT's 2020 Voting Scorecard* is out now and in it we give you a snapshot of where Cumberland County's 2020 candidates stand on 2 critically important issues:

1. Implementing Independent Oversight of Law Enforcement
2. Ending the Immoral System of Cash Bail

The scorecard is based on a questionnaire sent to each candidate. Of note:
- Many politicians will speak vaguely about the need for "change" yet fail to advocate for basic common sense policy initiatives like a Citizen's Review Board.
- Each one of these candidates has immense power to leverage. Each voter does as well. Pay attention to what they are NOT talking about. Use your power to hold them accountable.
- County Commissioners have the power to pass non-binding resolutions for Ending Cash Bail and/or Establishing Oversight of the Sheriff's Office. The question is: Do they have the political will?
- Next year our NC General Assembly Representatives will need to be unwavering in their support of Equal Justice as we reform NC Laws to do things like: Eliminate Qualified Immunity and remove barriers to effective oversight of Law Enforcement. If they can't guarantee they'll do this on the campaign trail, what makes us think they will fight for Equal Justice once elected?

Where do the candidates you support stand? Are we voting for leaders who will fight to enact common sense policy initiatives, empower citizens and bring about systemic change?
#vote4justice #vote #voteearly #allofusornoneofus

*We will update this scorecard pending responses from District 45 and any candidates who go on record with their positions

A coalition of Cumberland County activists team up to encourage maximum participation on an important voting Day

A coalition of local organizations and leaders will tour Cumberland County in a caravan designed to encourage black voter participation and promote increased electoral power. Beginning 1pm. Oct. 25th the Black Voter Matters caravan will visit several early voting sites in Fayetteville, Hope Mills and Spring Lake.

The 25th is expected to be a significant voting day for many church organizations in the black community. It has been embraced as the day for “Souls to the Polls”, a day designated for coordinated voter support throughout the county. Traditionally days like this have also included transportation pools of voters in predominantly black and brown communities.

The event has been organized in solidarity with a wide array of organizations from across the social justice spectrum from Mental Health Response Butterflies and Pearls to the LGBT equality group LGBTQ Hearts +. The event is also supported by Cape Fear Indivisible, Advance NC and fellows from the NC Black Organizing Collective. This type of collaboration and broad based power building is in keeping with the mission of Black Voters Matter which according to their website: “emphasizes relational organizing. We prioritize local infrastructure because we know existing organizations have authentic relationships with community members in general, and voters more specifically.”

The caravan is scheduled to start at the Hope Mills Recreation Center before moving to other sites: Kiwanis Recreation Center, Massey Hill Recreation Center, Smith Recreation Center, Westover Recreation Center, College Lakes Recreation Center and Spring Lake Recreation Center.

Letter to GOV. Roy Cooper calling to end use of Qualified Immunity in our state!!

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